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About Vetimed

Vetimed is an Online Veterinary Dispensary. We supply veterinary drugs and pet products at low prices.  We pledge to offer excellent customer service plus free delivery!

Veterinary Trained staff are happy to answer any general healthcare questions you may have about your pet. However for specific advice about your pet’s health, especially if he/she is unwell, you should seek advice from your own vet. If your vet suggests some treatment you could always ask for a prescription and then visit our website to obtain it.

Because we have fewer running costs than a Veterinary Practice we are able to supply the same medications and other pet products at very much lower prices.


Our premises are registered with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (Premises number 7289112) and the Veterinary Medicines Directorate (Premises number 2038054)

Vetimed is an approved member of the Accredited Internet Retailer Scheme for Veterinary medicines. This is a voluntary scheme which facilitates self-regulation by UK based retailers and compliance with the Veterinary Medicines Regulations.

The dispensing of medication at Vetimed is overseen by Andrew Reeder BVetMed MRCVS who has 20 years experience in veterinary practice. Andrew is a member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (Membership Number 612671X). Other Registered Qualified Persons who work at Vetimed are Rachel Ganuszko (6337339) and Lisa Hanratty (6102743)

This above information is publically available here at www.rcvs.org.uk and www.gov.uk/government/organisations/veterinary-medicines-directorate