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Aniset IV Admin Set 20Drops/ml

2.45 metre length. Designed specifically for veterinary use.

£5.02 (inc. VAT)

Product Information

  • Proximal: sharp vented 3 channel spike, flip covered bacterial air vent above soft compressable clear drip chamber, with extended standard rate drip orifice and 15 micron particle filter within.
  • V-bed precise flow control roller clamp including parking slot/hold for associated ‘sharps’.
  • Two Y-style latex free injection site ports; one positioned 40-45cm below drip chamber and second 20-25cm above distal spin lock connector.
  • Break point joint with luer spin lock connector at approximately 150/160cm along set. Enables you to disconnect the fluid bag - ideal when the patient needs walking.
  • Distal: Luer connector with loose spin lock attachment, allows for movement away up tubing if not used.
  • Fluid priming cap.

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