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Anispike Multi-Dose Spike

A double lumen, slim sharp mini-spike device, with built-in bacterial air filter vent.

For easy and safe needleless repeated dose withdrawal from inverted rubber capped multi-dose fluid injection vials or containers. Hinged protective cap and seal over female luer slip / lock syringe port. Can be used with an Anivalve to provide both an injection and aspiration site into permanently inverted multi-dose vials and IV. fluid containers.

Presented singly, sterile packed for immediate use.

£4.10 (inc. VAT)

Product Information

  • Sharp slim spike for easy penetration of rubber stoppered vials. 
  • Built-in bacterial air filtered venting prevents negative pressure build-up in containers and avoids contamination of contents. 
  • Allows needleless, repeat dose withdrawal from multi-dose and IV fluid containers.

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