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Anitube-S 2 Metre

2m Spiral Coiled In-Line Extension Tube Set.

Permanently soft-spring coiled standard IV. fluid tubing set. 2m overall fully stretched length with male or female connector fittings at either end. For use as an extension addition to any IV. fluid line or Administration Set.

£5.60 (inc. VAT)

Product Information

May be inserted into designed ‘break-point’ joint connector position built in to the AniSet and AniSet Dial-a-Flow veterinary fluid administration sets. Particularly when used ‘in-line’ with these sets, the AniTube-S addition allows for free excessive movement of animals within recovery cages attaching to indwelling IV. Cannulae.

  • May be partially fed, or fixed, through bars of cages allowing adjustment for animal size or excessive movement. 
  • Luer male and female connector fittings for attachment or inclusion in any standard small animal IV. Line.

    Presented singly, sterile packed for immediate use.

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