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NAF Natural Vetcare Silky 300ml

Silky is a non-greasy deluxe d-tangling spray for easy grooming in dogs and cats.


Easy to Use Spray!

Silky is designed to ensure maximum compliance. Its effective conditioners tackle the toughest of tangles, saving you grooming time and stress and leaving your pet's coat with a Silky finish.


Directions for use:


Wet or dry fur: Spray lightly over the entire coat and gently comb through for all over conditioning. Knots & Tangles: Spray directly onto the area of concern and massage in to help tease out knots and matts.

We recommend a small patch test 24hr prior to initial use. For full usage guidelines please refer to the product label.

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Product Information

360ᵒ D-Tangling

Easy Grooming - Silky is designed to help all over detangling in coats which require frequent brushing or targetted help for knotted or matted areas. Tangles, burrs and mud are more easily brushed out leaving smooth fur and a Silky finish.

Moisturising & Conditioning - Silky's conditioners moisturise the skin and coat, leaving a natural shine without sticky or greasy residue.

Gentle Fragrance - Dogs possess a highly sensitive sense of smell so Silky leaves only a subtle fresh scent behind.

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