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NAF Natural Vetcare Uri Catcare 30 Capsules

UriCatCare is suitable for sensitive cats who want to maintain a healthy bladder and feel good!

A premium veterinary strength supplement providing 360ᵒ support for sensitive cats who struggle with their bladder health. Its carefully blended ingredients relieve stress and maintain a healthy bladder.

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Product Information

360ᵒ Bladder Support

URINARY HEALTH - N-Acetyl-D-Glucosamine provides the building blocks to help replenish the urinary tract's delicate GAG layer after periods of inflammation and irritation.

STRESS RELIEF - L-tryptophan naturally boosts levels of the feel good chemical, serotonin, which has been shown to relieve stress in cats and improve signs of stress behaviours such as territorial marking. UriCatCare is palatability tested to ensure minimal stress when introducing it to the diet.

ANTI-INFLAMMATORY SUPPORT - Omega 3 and Vitamin E support the body's natural anti-inflammatory response to calm sensitive bladders.

Key Ingredients

N-Acetyl-D-Glucosamine, L-tryptophan, Omega 3 (Fish Oil), Vitamin E.

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