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Prosolvin Injection 10ml

Prosolvin is a luteolytic agent. Provided an active corpus luteum is present it will cause luteal regression which will be followed by follicle growth, oestrus and ovulation.

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Product Information

Prosolvin is indicated for use in cattle, pigs and horses in the following situations:
1. Oestrus control: Cows and heifers treated during the luteal phase will normally return to oestrus and ovulate 2–4 days after treatment. In mares, oestrus will normally occur within 5 days of treatment followed by ovulation 2–4 days later.
2. Oestrus synchronisation: When a group of cows at different stages in the oestrous cycle are to be synchronised, two injections of Prosolvin will be required with an interval of 10–12 days between injections. It is recommended that animals be served/ inseminated at the oestrus following treatment, i.e. at 72 hours after the second injection. If double insemination is preferred, this should take place at 72 and 96 hours after the second injection. Alternatively, Prosolvin may be used in conjunction with GnRH (see Further Information).
3. Treatment of sub-oestrus: This condition is found in lactating cows at the peak of production. Animals may have normal cyclical ovarian activity, but may not show any outward signs of oestrus. Having confirmed the presence of a corpus luteum, treatment with Prosolvin will cause luteal regression followed by oestrus in 2–4 days.
4. Induction of abortion: Prosolvin can be used to induce abortion in cattle and mares. Animals may be treated from 1 week and up to 5 months after misalliance. Following luteal regression, abortion will usually occur within 7 days. In some cases, particularly those later on in the pregnancy, a second or third treatment may be required.
5. Induction of parturition: In cattle Prosolvin may be used to initiate labour after the 270th day of pregnancy. Calving may be expected within 3 days of treatment. In pigs, Prosolvin may be used on or after the 113th day of the gestation period (see also Further Information). Parturition will normally follow within 48 hours. Prosolvin may also be used to induce parturition in the mare. Treatment must occur on or after the 330th day of pregnancy and the mare must show relaxed pelvic ligaments and a functional udder with colostrum. Following treatment parturition may be expected within a few hours.
6. Treatment of anoestrus: A persistent corpus luteum, particularly during lactation may result in an anoestral mare. Prosolvin may be used to cause luteal regression; oestrus and ovulation will then follow usually within 4–8 days of treatment.
7. Treatment of endometritis or pyometra in cows: The luteolytic effect of Prosolvin induces oestrus which will aid the expulsion of uterine discharge. A single injection of 2 ml should be given; intransigent cases may require a repeat treatment after 10–14 days or alternative therapies should be considered.

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