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For improvement in dullness, lethargy and overall demeanour in dogs. Vivitonin is particularly useful in older dogs, where it may increase willingness to exercise and exercise tolerance. Propentofylline has been shown to increase blood flow, particularly of the heart and skeletal muscle. It also increases the blood flow of the brain and therefore its oxygen supply, without increasing the brain's glucose demand.It has a modest positive chronotropic effect and a marked positive inotropic effect. In addition, it has been shown to have an anti-arrhythmic effect in dogs with myocardial ischemia and a bronchodilator action equivalent to that of aminophylline. Propentofylline inhibits platelet aggregation and improves the flow properties of erythrocytes. It has a direct effect on the heart and reduces peripheral vascular resistance thereby lowering cardiac load. Some symptoms or conditions related to impaired blood circulation where Vivitonin may be of benefit are: •Dullness, lethargy and depressed demeanour. •Decreased willingness to exercise and exercise tolerance. •Arryhthmia due to myocardial ischaemia. •Conditions requiring improved circulation in the heart, brain and skeletal muscle.

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