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Welpi Milk Substitute Dog and Puppies 250g

Welpi® is a milk supplement for dogs and puppies, bitches, convalescing and ageing dogs. The perfect nutritional milk supplement for dogs delivering essential vitamins and minerals throughout its life. Welpi® is the ideal substitute and closest approximation to bitches milk.

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Product Information

WELPI® FOR BITCHES. Fed as a dietary milk supplement for dogs throughout pregnancy and lactation maintains good health, milk formulation is encouraged and general condition improved.

WELPI® FOR PUPPIES. Suitable for hand rearing puppies from the first day of life onwards – used to rear orphan puppies or those in large litters and later as a feed supplement.

WELPI® FOR CONVALESCENCE. A palatable and easily digestible food to encourage rapid return to good health after illness or surgery.

WELPI® FOR AGEING DOGS. Welpi incorporated in the diet will act as a valuable source of nutrients for dogs that have impaired digestion.

WELPI® AS A NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENT. Can be fed as a liquid mixed with moist diets. Feed daily throughout a dog’s life as a source of essential vitamins and minerals.

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