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Yucalm One-A-Day Chewies Medium 30Pk

YuCALM Chewies natural, scientifically proven ingredients help your dog cope with stress. They’re ideal for pets who are fearful of fireworks, other dogs, strangers, travel or being left alone.

Many dogs feel anxious in day to day life or are fearful towards specific triggers. By supporting natural calming pathways in the brain, 
YuCALM Chewies are an effective way to help reduce stress and support dogs to behave more calmly

  • Tasty one a day chew
  • Helps reduce stress
  • Supports calm behaviour
  • Eases anxiety


5 signs to spot if your dog is stressed or nervous:

  • Quivering or panting when it's not to do with the weather
  • Restlessness or hiding
  • Tucked tail and ears held flat against head
  • Toileting or destructiveness in the house
  • Excessive barking and aggressive responses

Learning to understand your dog’s body language can help you to identify when they feel fearful or anxious. If you think your dog is displaying any of these or other signs of stress, they may need the extra support of YuCALM Chewies to help them feel better.

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Product Information

Directions for use

YuCALM Chewies are simple, tasty and easy to give:

  • 1 chew per day
  • Feed the chew at whatever time you choose.

Ingredient levels per chew

Ingredients per chew (small dog)Ingredients per chew (medium dog)Ingredients per chew (large dog)
180mg Lemon balm 360mg Lemon balm 540mg Lemon balm
150mg L-Theanine 300mg L-Theanine 450mg L-Theanine
45mg Peptides (fish) 90mg Peptides (fish) 135mg Peptides (fish)
10mg Vitamin B1 20mg Vitamin B1 30mg Vitamin B1
9.7mg Vitamin B3 19mg Vitamin B3 29.1mg Vitamin B6
9.5mg Vitamin B6 19.4mg Vitamin B6 28.5mg Vitamin B3
126mcg Vitamin B9 252mcg Vitamin B9 378mcg Vitamin B9
15.7mcg Vitamin B12 31.4mcg Vitamin B12 47.1mcg Vitamin B12

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