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Aniset Large Animal IV Admin Set, 2 Spike

£38.35 inc. VAT

Large Animal IV Fluid Administration Set  

  • ANISET L/A 2 SPIKE™ – with two tube, clamp and insertion spike fluid delivery assemblies, for attaching two IV. fluid containers at a time.
  • ANISET L/A 4 SPIKE™ – with 4 tube, clamp and insertion spike fluid delivery assemblies, for attaching four IV. fluid containers at a time.
  • Each set allowing for high volume or long period IV. fluid administration to large animals, particularly horses from 2 or 4 containers of IV. fluids.
  • Clear large bore tubing (4.8mm i.d.) and robust connecting components used throughout.

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All insertion spikes are long and sharp pointed with filtered vent caps and come complete with pre-threaded black reusable/adjustable  plastic ties for attaching to appropriate slot/holes in port flaps of IV. fluid bags to give greater security.

In the 2 Spike set the delivery arm assembly, the two spikes are attached to two different lengths of large bore tubing, one of 13cm and the other of 23cm meeting at a ‘Y’ connector positioned 20 cm above the drip chamber. This allows one or two fluid containers to be attached higher than the other. On each of these lengths of tubing arms is an easy press, ‘click-lock’, fluid flow shut off clamp.

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 50 g


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