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Calf Saver 4 x 25ml

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Ark Calf Saver is a potent source of absorbable energy containing Medium Chain Triglycerides, Natural Vitamin E and a flavour for palatability.

Every weak or stressed calf should get a bottle of Calf Saver as soon as possible after birth.

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Ark Calf Saver is presented in 25ml bottle (1 feed) for ease of use. There is no measuring or mixing so you simply dose it directly into the calf’s mouth. As the energy source is absorbed the calf is getting energy from the time the first drop hits the palate.

Once swallowed Ark Calf Saver enters the bloodstream and the calf receives a massive bolt of energy within 10 to 15 minutes. The flavour has the added benefit of getting the swallow and suckling reflex started and in most cases the calf will suckle as soon as they are on their feet. Natural Vitamin E stimulates the immune response.

A very high percentage of calf deaths in the first days of life can be traced back to the fact that calves who experience difficult births will simply not have the energy to get up and consume the necessary volume of Colostrum to survive. Ark Calf Saver undoubtedly gives a weak/stressed calf a far better chance of survival than the calf that does not get Ark Calf Saver.

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Additional information

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