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Chewy No No 100ml For Cats/Dogs/Horses

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By their very nature Dogs (and especially puppies), are extremely playful and investigative. Interaction with other dogs and their owners is a normal part of a dog’s routine and forms an important part of their social development. As you know, dogs and puppies love to explore their environment and this is achieved by sniffing, tasting and sometimes chewing on objects throughout the home.

Dogs that chew may also be scavenging for food (sticking their head in the dustbin!), playing (resulting in a personal possession being mauled to pieces), teething or satisfying a natural urge to chew and gnaw (which can serve to help keep teeth and gums healthy). It is possible that some dogs chew because of the attention they receive (even if it is negative). Owners may be inadvertently rewarding chewing behaviours by giving the dog a treat in an effort to stop the chewing habit.

The reasons for chewing need to be addressed before the correct course of treatment can be decided upon but Chewy NoNo provides an effective way of deterring many animals from destructive chewing habits such as bandage biting and gnawing on sofas! For the horse owner it is ideal for discouraging foals from chewing on the brood-mares tail.

Contains Bitrex.
Chewy No No should not be applied directly to any areas of broken skin as this may cause undue stinging pain.


We recommend that you patch test a discreet area before applying to materials and furnishings.

Discourages chewing, sucking vices, bandage biting and other destructive chewing habits in dogs, horses, cats and other animals.

Spray onto target areas such as bowls, rugs, furniture, stables, fences, gates and vehicles.

TOP TIP! Can be used on furniture* * Do patch test first!

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 100 g


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