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Evicto Small Dog 60mg 5.1-10kg x 4 pipettes

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Evicto is an antiparasitic medicine used to treat and prevent infestations with parasites that live on the skin or in the fur of cats and dogs, such as fleas and mites, as well as treating worms that live inside the body. It is used in the following ways:

  • to treat and prevent flea infestations in cats and dogs, by killing adult fleas, their larvae and their eggs on the animal, and in the litters of pregnant or nursing cats or dogs. It can also be used as part of a treatment for flea allergy dermatitis (skin inflammation),
  • to prevent heartworm disease in cats and dogs,
  • to treat ear mites in cats and dogs,
  • to treat adult intestinal roundworms and hookworms in cats,
  • to treat adult intestinal roundworms in dogs,
  • to treat biting lice infestations in cats and dogs,
  • to treat sarcoptic mange (scabies) in dogs.

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Evicto contains selamectin, which is an antiparasitic medicine that belongs to the ‘avermectin’ class. Selamectin activates special proteins called ‘chloride channels’ on the surface of nerve and muscle cells of the parasite, allowing charged chloride particles to enter nerve cells and disrupting their normal electrical activity. This causes the paralysis or death of the parasites.

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Additional information

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Legal category -- POM-V


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